Cheryl Stevens Studio

Whimsical, colorful and fun. Three words that describe the work of Cheryl Stevens.

Ceramic Jewelry and Accessories, Cheryl Stevens Studio

Ceramic Bear Every Day Necklace by Cheryl Stevens Studio

Cheryl makes jewelry and small ceramic accessories with graphic, colorful designs.

Ceramic Jewelry and Accessories, Cheryl Stevens Studio

Ceramic Blower Bracelet by Cheryl Stevens Studio

Don’t miss out on selecting your favorite!

Ceramic Jewelry and Accessories, Cheryl Stevens Studio

Ceramic Sister Dishette by Cheryl Stevens Studio

Bibelot Design Studios

You’ve been asking for frames and we’ve found some great ones by Bibelot Designs. These are made with screen printed or shibori dyed fabric combined with a stained glass technique.

Fabric and Glass Home Accessories, Bibelot Design Studios

Screen Printed Fabric, Glass and Wood Veneer Frame by Bibelot Design Studios

These are screen printed  with birch trees and combined with wood veneers and glass.

Fabric and Glass Home Accessories, Bibelot Design Studios

Shibori Dyed Fabric and Glass Frame by Bibelot Design Studios

Or the shibori dyed fabric gives a pop of indigo blue to brighten up your living space.

Fabric and Glass Home Accessories, Bibelot Design Studios

Large Fabric and Glass Star Ornament by Bibelot Design Studios

Bibelot Designs also makes some great ornaments either for the holidays or hang them in a window for every day enjoyment. 

New – Love, Montana Jewelry

Ann Wilbert of Love, Montana creates her own beads and then constructs a variety of beautiful jewelry pieces including pendants, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. And it’s made in Montana!

Flamework Glass Bead Jewelry, Ann Wilbert

Sky Underfoot Earring and Pendant Set by Ann Wilbert

Ann’s lamp worked beads are works of art in themselves.

Flamework Glass Bead Jewelry, Ann Wilbert

Love Yellowstone Pendant by Ann Wilbert

Each bead is different and unique and her color choices remind you of the natural beauty of Montana.

Flamework Glass Bead Jewelry, Ann Wilbert

Ann Wilbert Creating a Glass Bead

Come check out the gorgeous selection that she sent us recently. Perfect for gifts or to wear yourself. 

Dickinson Woodworking

New stuff is arriving quickly in time for our summer season. How about some new woodworking?

Wood Kitchenware, Dickinson Woodworking

Wooden Travel Mugs with Handles by Dickinson Woodworking

Take a look at these really cool wooden travel mugs by Dickinson Woodworking.

Wood Kitchenware, Dickinson Woodworking

Wooden Cheese Boards with Built In Cheese Slicers by Dickinson Woodworking

Or maybe a cheese board? It already has the slicer included right with the board.

Wood Kitchenware, Dickinson Woodworking

Wooden Double Knife Block by Dickinson Woodworking

If you need a spot for your knives on the kitchen counter, these knife blocks are the perfect solution. 

Note Cards with Watercolor Images by Dean Crouser

We received some gorgeous note cards from Dean Crouser. He does amazing watercolors that are full of life and movement. These cards are perfect for any occasion.

Note Cards, Dean Crouser

He has a variety of images and they are perfect for framing too.

Note Cards, Dean Crouser

I hope you’ll stop by to check out all the different images. 


Attention Sock Lovers

We have a new color of SolMate Socks available. Persimmon! The Persimmon Socks are a zesty addition to the crew sock line. Burnt orange blends spectacularly with pomegranate red and pale pink to give you a harmonious medley of colors.

Cotton Solmate Socks

Cotton Socks by Solmate Socks

Plus we have all the regular sock colors and patterns in socks, mittens, fingerless mittens, scarves and hats. Brighten up your day with a new pair of socks.

New Bird Houses by Dan Carmichael

When we went to the ACRE show in Philadelphia in February, we stopped by Dan Carmichael’s booth. We already carry his magnetic chalk boards, garden stakes and photo frames. But he had something new. A bird house shaped from a license plate. So I went home and found a Montana plate for him to use and he created some great Montana bird houses.

Each one is a little different as they all have different beads and the petals are all cut by hand. The bird house comes apart easily so it can be cleaned each year. Wouldn’t a bird just love to live here?

Beego Handmade Cards

We got an order from Beego Handmade with some wonderful greeting cards. They are made with handmade paper, washi tape and embossing.  Each is an original card, all individually designed and hand crafted.

Greeting Cards, Beego Handmade

Washi Tape and Embossed Greeting Card by Beego Handmade

We have congratulations, thank you, birthday and blank cards in our selection. So if you need some cards for upcoming birthdays, Mother’s Day or weddings, come on in and check them out.

Greeting Cards, Beego Handmade

Washi Tape and Embossed Birthday Card by Beego Handmade

They are perfect colors for spring and summer to liven up that special person’s day.

A Little Crazy Around Here

It got a little crazy around The Purple Pomegranate last week. We were closed for a makeover. It did take all week, we repainted, added a couple of “feature” walls and did a massive spring cleaning.

Here are a few photos if you haven’t been able to stop in and see the transformation.

We also got in a new order from JF Jones Mobiles and this is a new one, the oak leaf. We also have aspen and maple leaf mobiles. They really brighten up a room with the shiny copper leaves.

Sugarpost is in the House!

We are starting to get in our orders from the new artists that we found when we went to Philadelphia to the ACRE Wholesale Show. Sugarpost creates some wonderful metal art that is according to their Facebook page “reactionary, whimsical and pretty much irreverently awesome”.  And I have to agree. It’s really fun. If you aren’t the person to put pink flamingos and garden gnomes in your yard, here’s your alternative!

Metal Art, Sugarpost

Gnome Bearers Gnome Be Gones by Sugarpost

These Gnome Be Gone monsters will steal the show in your yard. They come in a variety of sizes and will  make everyone smile.

Metal Art, Sugarpost

Giant Pirate with Parrot Gnome Be Gone by Sugarpost

Say goodbye to tacky lawn ornaments and hello to cool monsters!

Metal Art, Sugarpost

Small Flamingoaway Gnome Be Gone by Sugarpost

See them all here.



Spring Mittens!

I know it’s spring and most people aren’t thinking about mittens. But here in Montana, we still have some cold weather and these Woolflower mittens are so fun, we sell them year round.

These are called Prairie and they are perfect for those spring days when it’s still too cold to go without hand cover.

And I love the color of this pair, Earth. Wouldn’t they brighten up your day?

Eco Printed Pillows by Paula Rindal

I have shown you Paula Rindal’s eco printed framed artwork before but now she is making pillows.

Each one is unique and they come in a variety of colors and sizes.

She uses different leaves for the printing process and a variety of natural dyes.

Some are in brighter colors which would add a spot of color to your room.

But most are great neutrals which would go in almost any home. Do you need some new pillows? Come in and check them out.

Bright Colorful Boxes from Heartwood Creations

We got in a new kind of secret boxes from Heartwood Creations.

They come in three different sizes with lots of great colorful art. Perfect for holding all your little goodies!

New Order from Makeshift Accessories

We got a new order from Makeshift Accessories and I wanted to show you the harness cuffs because they are really cool.

All their work is done with recycled materials and these are perfect for those of you who like a wide cuff with an industrial feel.

Or you could come try on one of the new spoon rings. Great textures from the original flatware from which they are created. Come in and take a look!

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New from Basic Spirit

We just received an order from Basic Spirit and I ordered some fun, new stuff this time around.

Basic Spirit makes pewter accessories and we got sets of napkin rings. These come in a set of four and their boxed, so they would make a great gift for a housewarming or even a wedding present.

Then we got these great serving utensils. Who doesn’t need a pair of moose salad servers? And the pie or cake servers are great too.

So I’ll leave you with this little pill box and a smile!

New Socks from The Sock Lady!

We just got in a new order of socks, mittens and fingerless mittens from Sol Mate Socks. And, drum roll please, there is a new color of socks for 2017 called Freesia.

These will be perfect to bring on spring! Great mismatched colors as usual. Nice and colorful to brighten up these cold, dreary winter days. Stop by to pick up a pair now!

National Poetry at Work Day

Today is National Poetry at Work Day so I thought it would be great to feature the poetry by Teri St. Cloud of Bone Sigh Arts. She has some great prints as well as poetry books. Which is your favorite?

Poetry and Prints, Bone Sigh Arts, Terri St. Cloud

Print By Bone Sigh Arts

This is one of my favorites.

These are a couple of Teri’s books.

Poetry and Prints, Bone Sigh Arts, Terri St. Cloud

Bookmark By Bone Sigh Arts

And she even has great bookmarks and cards too.

Centipede Mug Anyone?

Karin Lamb’s pottery is always very popular. Earthstones Pottery is the name of her little one woman show and every time we get her work in the shop, it flies off the shelves. She usually puts a variety of Northwest animals on the pottery but this last shipment we got a centipede mug. I thought you might like to see it.

Ceramics, Karin Lamb, Earthstone Studio

Isn’t it fun? So if you need a mug to celebrate the new year, why not a centipede mug? Happy New Year to all of you and thanks for making 2016 a great year!