Warren Sports Complex In Frisco TX

Warren Sports Complex In Frisco TX is a private sports facility for the residents of Frisco and its surrounding communities. The complex features five baseball fields, two indoor batting cages, and 22 tennis courts.

This sports facility is open to the public.

There is no admission fee.

The complex holds many different types of events, including baseball tournaments, birthday parties, tennis camps, and private lessons with area coaches.

Warren Sports Complex was formerly known as Frisco Stadium until it got renamed in 1995 after an agreement between the City of Frisco and the local Warren Oil Company. It was then that a four-sided scoreboard was also added on top of the stadium’s main grandstands. The original five-sided scoreboard stayed intact despite renovations done to some parts of the stadium since 1996. New dugouts were constructed on both ends of the field along with new bleachers for seating capacity expansion purposes during 1998 off season.

In 2000, a state-of-the-art surface for the indoor batting cages was added. In 2003, a combined gift of Frisco businesses and individuals contributed to a modern upgrade in the outfield fence and scoreboard with a video board used for updating score information. The scoreboard is now electronic with LED display panels that have been installed by Daktronics.).