Repairing Your Air Conditioning Unit In Frisco TX

Check Your AC Unit Properly

Air conditioners are like many appliances for the home. They can break down one day and not work at all or they can give you real problems over time. Either way, an air conditioner that is broken needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.

1 – Checking For Leaks

Leaks are perhaps the biggest problem with air conditioners. A leak means there is water collecting somewhere on your unit outside or inside of your house, which obviously isn’t good news for anyone involved with the equipment. The first thing you need to do is check for leaks.

2 – Check If It’s Blowing Cold Air

If your air conditioner is broken you should also be able to tell rather quickly whether or not it is blowing cold air. To test this, simply turn on your AC and set it on a normal temperature setting (not high).

3 – Check If It’s Making Any Strange Noises

While having an air conditioner that isn’t blowing out cold air is inconvenient enough, strange noises coming from your unit can also become problematic over time.


The Importance Of Hiring An AC Specialist

Choosing the right air conditioner is important, but so is choosing a skilled and qualified person to inspect it. Most of us have probably been tempted at one point or another to save some money by skipping the professional inspection of an air-conditioning unit. But what seems like a great bargain can actually end up costing much more down the road.

An ac repair technician has years of experience working with these systems, and even if you think you know what you’re doing, do yourself a favor and hire an experienced professional instead. You can save your time, energy, and most importantly your money by not having to pay for emergency repairs that have otherwise been prevented with an annual inspection.

The professional will thoroughly examine your unit’s components, looking for signs of wear and tear that can cause it to fail prematurely into the middle of a heat wave. They’ll also inspect all major components, including your condenser, compressor, evaporator coil , blower motor assembly, drain pan , condensate line, external static pressure (ESP), furnace filter or air filter , refrigerant lines and fittings , wiring connections, reversing valve protector cap , super-heat/sub-cool switch , thermostat(s) / controller(s) / programmer(s) / two-stage gas control switch , manual gas shutoff valves (if equipped), electrical power source (breakers and fuses), and the fuel source (liquid propane or natural gas).

The pro will make sure your unit is in good working order and will catch small problems before they snowball into big ones.


Replace Or Repair Your AC Unit

An AC unit is one of the most expensive appliances in your home. However, it can last for years if you maintain and care for it properly.

AC units are needed to keep homes cool in the summer and comfortable throughout the day in warmer climates. Unfortunately, many people neglect their air conditioning until something major goes wrong with it. They then need to decide whether they should repair or replace their old AC unit instead of buying a new one that would cost them more in the long run.