Exotic Sands Sand O’s

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Sand O’s Exotic Sands

Moving Sand Pictures – Colored liquid with black sand, four types of white sands and a fine glitter. The double strength glass is framed with a quality wood frame. Air bubbles hold up the sand creating unique scenes with every turn, pictures may take from just minutes to many hours to finish a scene. The black sand is heavier than the white sands so the sands will never mix. Some of the sands are transparent and some opaque giving the pictures a 3-D effect. Shop now.

2 thoughts on “Exotic Sands Sand O’s

  1. These sand art “pictures” become just that, a picture. Over time they freeze and will no longer change when turned over. The manufacturer, or artist if you will, has no help to offer.

    • I am sorry to hear that your sand art no longer works. I can contact the artist for you if you would like.

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