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I’m the queen of this fine establishment so if you need anything, just give a holler or a bark and I’ll get right on it. Don’t mind all that blathering below, that’s just my staff.



How we began –

Ruth and I first started talking about opening the store on a family trip to North Carolina.  We were staying at my in-laws’ vacation cabin near Black Mountain.  The scenery was (and always is each time I’m there) incredible – panoramic vistas that make your mind expand and open to all sorts of possibilities.  I guess when you combine that outlook with the creative vibe and rich craft heritage that permeates the region the idea of opening a venue to share what we love about fine American craft seemed not too far out of reach.

We choose to showcase beautifully handcrafted, thoughtfully designed objects that enhance your space and life with both the energy and passion of those who create them.  In doing so, we support the many talented individuals who are producing enduring, distinctive, functional works of art and craft.  Even now that we’ve been sharing our discoveries with you for more than a decade, the absolute fun of finding  joyous, innovative, relevant creative products and meeting the people that make them still has a hold on our spirits.

As for the name –

It just popped into my mind and seemed to cement the idea that we could, indeed, open a store.  Upon reflection it was a perfect fit – a euphonious, alliterative, memorable name that suggested something both unusual and abundant, The Purple Pomegranate!

The store –

We’re located in the heart of Whitefish, Montana’s Central Avenue shopping district right next to old timer Nelson’s Hardware.  When you walk in, you’re surrounded by the work of more than 150 artists and craftspeople from throughout the United States and Canada. You can take home sparkling art glass, whimsical metal sculpture, innovative fiber art and appealing, functional ceramics.  Our one-of-a-kind jewelry, clever toys, classic games and wooden accessories make distinctive gifts for you or anyone else on your list.

We highlight a Montana artist each month from May through October during Whitefish Gallery Nights.  For details of the featured artist and their work, please sign up for our email newsletter on the sidebar.

And don’t forget to say “hello” to Symphony when you visit.  As our canine representative she is always happy to let you get your “home-away-from-home” fuzzy pet fix!                                         Rebekah

The Purple Pomegranate

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