VoZ Jewelry Arrives

We received some great jewelry last week that makes a statement and is lots of fun. The jewelry is by Jenn Lazar and Cara Centko of VoZ Jewelry and includes rings, necklaces and the state of Montana necklaces.

Jewelry, VoZ Jewelry, Jenn Lazar

Coral Floral Ring by VoZ Jewelry

Jenn and Cara speak about their work, “Everybody has a voice. A few years ago before starting the business, we noticed that most jewelry acts only as the accoutrement—simply complementing color—sometimes complimenting style—but never really making a statement about the person wearing it. Now as we continue to design our own unique pieces, we strive to let our jewelry be that statement. Rather than create pieces that reflect only the feelings and beliefs of we the designers, we happily give that voice back to the individual. Everyone around us has a voice—something important to say—and we want each piece we create to reflect that.”

Jewelry, VoZ Jewelry, Jenn Lazar

Antique Pendant Necklaces by VoZ Jewelry

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